Meet Our Hosts

PSA Hosts

Blake & Meg Allen

Blake Allen has spent his life hunting and fishing all over the
Rocky Mountains and Alaska. Alaskan moose, antelope and
dall sheep adorn his office walls.
He was a pioneer in the motorsports industry. As a certified
mechanic, Blake has spent 30 years riding and developing
aftermarket products for snowmobiles, ATV's and now UTV's .
Blake was instrumental in founding and sponsoring western racing circuits and he hillclimb raced in RMSHA, making it to the World Championship at Jackson. He has many years of education in photography and film production. His first feature film was
released in 1996. Blake's expertise behind the camera and in
the editing booth has given us a front row seat for many
motorsports adventure shows and TV specials.
Blake Allen Filming at the World Championship
Pictured above is Blake filming Bret Rasmussen up close at the
World Championship Hillclimb. Blake Allen
Now, Blake steps in front of the camera to take us riding in great places and introduce us to many of his friends who are industry experts. They have technical tips and advice to make your adventures more enjoyable.

Meg Allen Meg Allen
Meg Allen grew up camping, fishing and riding dirt bikes. Today
her passion is sleds in the winter (pictured above) and riding
ATV's and stream fishing in the summer. Meg started her acting career on "General Hospital". Most remember her as the
McDonalds counter girl who said the tongue twister: "Two all beef patties, special sauce..." that aired during the Superbowl.
Her love of motorsports and fresh water fishing has taken her to host of "PowerSports Adventures".


Together, they will travel all over North America to bring you great places to ride and
action packed outdoor recreation.